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Nathan and Meagan Bath, Program director/Coordinator at Shiloh Bible Conference created this study on Colossians for the Timothy Charge Program. The Timothy Charge Program is a Youth Discipleship/Accountability small group program. It serves to mentor teens in their walk with the Lord, and is also required by us for any teens who want to come work with us at Shiloh Bible Camp. It is a year round program, with Bible Studies/Accountability meetings throughout the school year, and then they come serve with us at camp in the summer.


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Resisting Gossip

The course, Resisting Gossip, will be based on the book “Resisting Gossip – Winning the War of the Wagging Tongue” by Matthew Mitchell.

Gossip. It’s on Facebook, on the television, in the break room, and even in our churches. With gossip being so prevalent in our culture, it can be hard to resist listening to and sharing stories about other people’s business. But what does God say about gossip? And is it possible to follow his instructions? In Resisting Gossip, Pastor Matt Mitchell not only outlines the scriptural warnings against gossip, but also demonstrates how the truth of the gospel can deliver believers from this temptation.