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Defending Your Faith

“In Defending Your Faith: An Overview of Classical Apologetics, Dr. Sproul surveys the history and fundamentals of apologetics and demonstrates that reason and scientific inquiry are your allies in defending the existence of God and the historical claims of Jesus Christ. This series can prepare you to give a logical and biblical defense of your faith.” Learn More


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This study examines the basic foundations of Judeo-Christian thought, contrasting the biblical explanation and the secularist’s view of life’s meaning. Through an exploration into the lives of the patriarchs of Genesis, the lecturer finds valuable insights into how we can live, growing in our recognition and appreciation of God. Learn More


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Joshua and Daniel

Joshua, a great leader in scripture gives us a practical example of what God can accomplish through a committed believer. Dr. Campbell explores the life and exploits of Joshua. The life and ministry of Daniel is presented in light of his relationship to the world in which he lived and his commitment to God. Lessons are drawn from Daniel in light of their impact upon the lives of believers today. Learn More

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Old Testament Survey – (From Dust to Glory)

Join Dr. Sproul on a unique study tour as he explores the major themes, events, and people that are brought to life in the Bible. Dust to Glory provides a panorama of biblical truth and a starting point to help you understand the content of the Bible. Dust to Glory can energize your study of the Bible, provide you with new insights, and improve your ability to read, understand, and apply Scripture to your life.