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Case for Support

This 10 minute Case for Support video will help you understand the purpose of a Case for Support document and how to prepare it. A CFS is a document that helps prospective donors better understand your ministry and helps a donor make the decision to donate to your ministry. Under the Lessons tab, you’ll find the video and a sample of the Case for Support document. Go to InFaith’s Storefront to find the template that you can use.

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How to Write Great Support-Raising Newsletters

Do fundraising letters still work? Yes! They are simply the most practical way to get your message out to a broad geographical area.
In this video, we will review:

  • The Critical Elements for Powerful Newsletters
  • Seven Ingredients for Newsletters
  • The Secret to Powerful Partner Communications

Under the Lessons tab, you’ll find the video and a sample of a Newsletter document. Go to InFaith’s Storefront to find the template that you can use. Along with viewing the 20 minute video, please read the documents included with this course.

1 Lessons

InFaith Communication Standards

Why Use Graphic Standards? A clear and consistent visual identity is important to reinforce the image of InFaith in viewer’s minds. Everyone who joins InFaith must adopt the InFaith name and brand so as an approved candidate and field staff member, you become the local expression of InFaith in your area. This course, relating to logos, colors, fonts and photos, will help guide you through the process and provide examples for their use. Go to InFaith’s Storefront to find the templates that you can use for Stationary, Prayer Cards, Email templates, Newsletter templates, Name Badge, and Personal Brochures. Find InFaith Word template, Power Point template, Logos, and Instructional videos in the Communication Standards Requirements Packet on the Hub here.

6 Lessons

Time Management

The Lord has given each person 86,400 seconds of time to invest each day. He has also provided personal as well as ministry responsibilities. Our task as ministers of God is to organize our time so that we can accomplish all that He asks of us in both our ministry and personal lives.
This 6-lesson course will provide the knowledge and skill that will allow for a responsible coordination of activities. You will find that the principles and tools introduced are practical and can be easily adapted to your personal style or unique situation. As you watch the video, pay careful attention to how the insights apply to you and then adapt them appropriately.
Our goal is to furnish you with a foundational understanding of the major principles and methods necessary for managing your time. In this way, you can adapt practical techniques so they fit into your life and ministry.