Basic Theology

11 Lessons

In the first six lectures entitled Basic Training, Dr. Sproul presents a contemporary explanation of the Apostle’s Creed, dealing with its basic tenets in light of the modern issues that surround it. He examines the doctrine of God, the doctrine of Christ, the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, and of things to come. Learn More

Case for Support

1 Lessons

This 10 minute Case for Support video will help you understand the purpose of a Case for Support document and how to prepare it. A CFS is a document that helps prospective donors better understand your ministry and helps a donor make the decision to donate to your ministry. Under the Lessons tab, you’ll find the video and a sample of the Case for Support document. Go to InFaith’s Storefront to find the template that you can use.


1 Lessons

Nathan and Meagan Bath, Program director/Coordinator at Shiloh Bible Conference created this study on Colossians for the Timothy Charge Program. The Timothy Charge Program is a Youth Discipleship/Accountability small group program. It serves to mentor teens in their walk with the Lord, and is also required by us for any teens who want to come work with us at Shiloh Bible Camp. It is a year round program, with Bible Studies/Accountability meetings throughout the school year, and then they come serve with us at camp in the summer.


Defending Your Faith

32 Lessons

“In Defending Your Faith: An Overview of Classical Apologetics, Dr. Sproul surveys the history and fundamentals of apologetics and demonstrates that reason and scientific inquiry are your allies in defending the existence of God and the historical claims of Jesus Christ. This series can prepare you to give a logical and biblical defense of your faith.” Learn More