The Seven Laws of the Learner

7 Lessons

The 7 Laws of the Learner is destined to transform the teaching ministries of Christians worldwide. Whether you teach in a church context, Christian school, public school, in the home or on the job, The 7 Laws of the Learner will equip you to accomplish God’s purposes for education-the transformation of lives by meeting needs through the accurate communication of essential truths. These 14 DVD video sessions (2 lectures per lesson), provide a total training experience.

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Time Management

6 Lessons

The Lord has given each person 86,400 seconds of time to invest each day. He has also provided personal as well as ministry responsibilities. Our task as ministers of God is to organize our time so that we can accomplish all that He asks of us in both our ministry and personal lives.
This 6-lesson course will provide the knowledge and skill that will allow for a responsible coordination of activities. You will find that the principles and tools introduced are practical and can be easily adapted to your personal style or unique situation. As you watch the video, pay careful attention to how the insights apply to you and then adapt them appropriately.
Our goal is to furnish you with a foundational understanding of the major principles and methods necessary for managing your time. In this way, you can adapt practical techniques so they fit into your life and ministry.